Bitcoin Halving Comparison

 Bitcoin Halving Comparison

History tends to repeat itself, and the bitcoin halving appears to be no exception to this particular rule.

 In 2016, during the second BTC halving, the BTC price experienced strong growth before the halving. A bear market followed, consisting of a 40% drop in price from the pre-halving high to the post-halving bottom. Afterward, a lengthy ranging period ensued. 


Before the third halving that took place in May 2020, Bitcoin also experienced strong growth of more than 150% from $3,800 to $10,000; just like in 2016, a fast crash followed just before the halving. However, the 2020 crash was truncated and nowhere near as severe as the bear market that traders saw in 2016. Based on this comparison, we can infer that a short correction may follow before the bull market commences. Bitcoin is currently experiencing a range. 


Looking ahead: It took BTC around 160 days to break through the highest price before the halving. We currently sit at 66 days after the halving. While Bitcoin cycles are similar, they are not the same. While it would be impossible to predict accurately when the bullish market will start, based on past trends we can predict that it will most likely occur somewhere between 100-200 days after the halving (or 30 to 130 days from today).

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